Meet Anna, the potbellied pig that lived 11 years locked up in a filthy barn. This poor animal lived in horrible conditions and it was really hard to watch it.

She never had contact with other animals or people, just her cruel owners who didn’t even trim her hooves. It was really hard for Anna to walk because every step caused her unbearable pain.

It’s very cruel to place animals in complete isolation. The potbellied pig wasn’t allowed to go out to use a bathroom or even run which lead to a poor health condition. Anna was not only suffering from arthritis, but she also had infected skin and infected eyes. Also, she never received proper medical treatment for any of it.

Fortunately, those days are finally behind the pig. Eventually, she was rescued by a sanctuary that was run by Carla Reiley Moore and her husband.

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The Ralphy’s Retreat Sanctuary called the couple and told them that the poor pig was abandoned by the cruel owners. However, their deed didn’t go unpunished as they were charged with neglect, animal cruelty, and abandonment.

Moore was determined to make Anna’s life better. First, she took the pig to the vet to fix her hooves and receive medications for the pain. Then, she gave the pig a nice bath as well.

The pig thrived once she was under Moore’s care. Anna was so happy that she was finally able to roam freely. Now, the sanctuary shares pictures and videos of the happy pig on social media. People are so glad to see that Anna has made so much progress in such a short period of time. Her transformation is amazing!

Anna now eats grapes from Moore’s hand and she even gives the pig belly rubs. It’s obvious that the potbellied pig is aware that she’s in good hands now.

Even Anna’s first tail wag was captured on video. If you didn’t know, pigs can wag their tails just like dogs when they are happy.

We are so glad for Anna and very thankful to Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary for making her life better and better with each passing day.

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