Are you thinking of adding a shelter dog to your family and providing the new pup a forever home? Look no further than the Capital Made Society in Lincoln, a non-profit organization that shelters unwanted pets. The organization is also an advocate for animal welfare and its main goal is to educate the public about responsible pet care.

The Capital Made Society is the place where you can find many homeless pets, including ‘Baby Girl’, a shepherd mix dog that is between 3 1/2 and 4 years old. She has been at the shelter since December 2017.

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The employees at the shelter love Baby Girl and say she likes to play with toys, take walks and cuddle. According to the director of adoptions, Shelby Backhus, she takes some time before she can get used to strangers.

“We’re looking for a home without other pets or children because she bit another dog before she came to us,” Backhus said. Although biting other dogs can happen sometimes, Baby Girl is a great companion dog.

If you want to see if Baby Girl is the right choice for you and your family, you can contact the Humane Society’s Pieloch Pet Adoption Center at 402-441-4488 in order to schedule an appointment.

According to the staff at the shelter, Baby Girl made a lot of progress because they spent a lot of time with her in the enrichment program. Backhus said: “She really is a happy-go-lucky lady who loves to go for walks when she gets to know you.”

Baby Girl loves to play with kongs because she gets the opportunity to “work” for rewarding treats such as peanut butter and frozen treats. She is also a huge fan of stuffed animals. According to Backhus, the staff is recommending a privacy fence at least 6-foot tall so she can feel comfortable in her new adoptive home.

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“We’ve been working with Baby Girl, and she benefits from a lot of attention. When she’s comfortable, she’s a very playful girl.”

A dog is truly a gift that can change your life and bring you happiness. Let’s help this dog find a forever home and a loving family!