There are many stray animals who live on the streets around the world. Just in the United States, that number is around 70 million. Not every animal is lucky enough to be rescued. Only 6 to 8 million strays enter the shelters in the U.S. Some of the animals are born on the streets, while others have been abandoned once their owners can’t take care of them.

When Xena the puppy was found, she was so emaciated that even vets didn’t believe that she would survive. Her body was so weak and thin, you could’ve even noticed her bones. Everyone who saw pictures of the poor puppy when she was rescued, they were shocked. Even though her chance of survival was just 1%, she was determined to live. She miraculously managed to get better.

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However, Xena’s incredible survival story didn’t end there. The puppy who fought hard for his life was adopted by a nice family. When the Hickey family adopted her, she created a strong bond with Jonny Hickey, a young boy who has autism.

When Jonny’s mom, Linda, heard about the rescue of Xena and her recovery story, she knew that her son and the warrior puppy were destined to live together and help each other.

As soon as Xena arrived at the house, everything change. Her presence and love have affected the little boy profoundly. Although he rarely spoke, when Xena arrived he started to open up. He also talks with Xena all the time and he isn’t afraid to try new things or go on adventures out in the world with his best furry friend by his side.

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The duo is inseparable. They are best friends who support each other in everything they do. They will continue to spread the word compassion for both animals and those who have autism throughout the world.