It’s a common practice to have a dog by your side if you have a pickup truck. However, if you have a dog with you in the truck, you have to make sure your dog will be safe. There are more than 100k dogs that die every year while riding in truck beds.

Numerous dog owners put their pets in danger and they don’t even know it. Despite the fact that some pickup trucks have a backseat, many of them only have the bench seat in the front. Dogs usually ride in the back of the truck in the truck bed. This is keeping the truck clean and allows the dog to get fresh air.

According to the statistic from American Humane, more than 100,000 dogs die in accidents related to riding in the back of pickup trucks. It’s time to change your habits!

Although dogs may be well-trained, they have a deeply curious nature. Dogs may jump out of the bed of the truck without thinking about it. According to Steve Scherer of Quincy Animal Control, dogs are relatively calm, but they may see something that catches their attention and even scare them.

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Many veterinarians have witnessed numerous cases of dogs being injured after jumping out of truck beds. This can result in a broken bone or joint injuries that are traumatic and may require amputation.

When dogs ride in the back of a truck, they are exposed to the weather. The sun may feel good from inside the truck. However, the bed in the truck could heat up rapidly and even cause burns on their paws. Also if the truck drives fast, flying bugs, pebbles, and gravel can damage the dog’s nasal passages or eyes.

Some dog owners put their dogs on a leash while they are in the back of the truck. Although this may seem like a good idea, it’s really not. Some dogs have been strangled while being on a leash.

To sum up, the only way to keep your dog safe is to keep it right next to you while driving.

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