Anyone who loves dogs can understand what that relationship means. The dog can often bring us eternal happiness despite being our faithful companion.

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They grow with us, listen to our secrets, feel our emotions, and are always here for us.

Living with a dog means wealth!

True dog lovers and caregivers understand best when it comes to saying goodbye to their buddy.

We have all experienced loss at some point in our lives, and we know exactly what the pain is when one part of our soul, breaks.

Ernest Montague is the father of a furry dog who recently lost him and decided to give him a wise, touching, and emotional text.

Ernest writes with deep emotion that many people do not understand the death of dogs, they do not actually die but live in our hearts, thoughts, and dreams. They are just tired, their bones hurt from old age and that’s why they want to lie down to rest.

Although their body gives up, they always want to go for a walk, they love your company even though it doesn’t look like that, they want to be with you forever.

When you think your dog has died, it just fell asleep in your heart. By the way, he moves his tail rashly, and that’s why your chest hurts so much and you cry all the time.

When they fall asleep for the first time, they wake up all the time and that is why the sadness is greater. But over time, they will fall asleep more often, and you would too.

They will forever be a good dog in your heart and will sleep in that place forever. But don’t be fooled. They are not “dead.” There is no such thing. They sleep in your heart and will wake up, usually when you least expect it.

Thank you Ernest for these incredible words!

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