Dogs are our best friends, they like a million hugs, kisses, and lots of play. They are our protectors and many stories are proof that they can save us in difficult situations.

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But unfortunately, many people don’t care about puppies the way they should be.

Тhree years ago а dog was found in an industrial building abandoned and abused by children in Turkey. Pascal, a small puppy who almost dies in the building, was fortunately found by the rescue team and immediately was taken to a care center.

The puppy was only four months old, he was still a baby, but looking at his condition we will think that he will never survive.

The puppy was stranded on the streets and was the victim of two children who took him to the building and tortured him, instead of stroking him and playing with him.

After torturing the little dog, they poured industrial glue on his body, which cemented on his body. Pascal was so injured that he could only move his tongue, but fortunately, his rescuers were able to find him. They immediately brought the poor puppy to the Rescue Team in Istanbul.

The staff was disappointed when they saw Pascal, they immediately acted and started shaving his fur. That was the only way to clear his wound. After the procedure, they saw that Pascal’s skin was completely irritated and had red sores.

The poor puppy was traumatized by what was children did it to him.
After that incident, he did not trust anyone except his veterinarian. The team that treated Pascal did not give up on the poor dog and they managed to save him.

After a while, his wounds began to heal, and his fur began to recover. Also, when he began to trust people, he was put up for adoption.

Pascal now lives happily in his new home in Spain, where he will receive all the love and kisses from the family that adopted him.

Watch the video below.

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