Meet Baby, the abandoned dog. She is currently staying at the Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center. In a video, they introduced her as the dog with the saddest cries.

She is white and brown American Pit Bull and Dalmatian mix. Her owner abandoned her and she’s taken on a nightly ritual that is heartbreaking to see.

MCASAC explained that Baby’s owners brought her to their shelter because they felt that they couldn’t care for her any longer.

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Ever since she arrived at the shelter, Baby has been crying every night. Although she is very sweet and has manners, she couldn’t adjust well to living in a shelter,” according to the shelter staff.

During night time, Baby cries in her kennel. The dog kennel area is usually filled with lots of barking, becomes silent other than Baby’s cries.

Baby is a very shy 7-year-old dog. She is very cautious around new people. However, once she’s spent a little time with someone new, she opens up and enjoys snuggling.

In a video, the staff said that she is sad and stressed, and they urged people to help them find a new home for her.

After the shelter posted the video on social media, someone called them and offer to sponsor Baby’s adoption fee.

The staff is optimistic that the Baby who is very sweet and good with other dogs and kids will find a new home in no time. The shelter is located in Derwood, Maryland.

Every dog deserves to have a home. Luckily, Baby has been adopted and her new owners adopted her before Christmas. What a lovely gift for Baby and for the staff who looked after her!

Adopt, don’t shop! Make a difference in someone’s life!

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