Meet Pumpkin, the 12-year-old cat who loves to travel. His owner is an Ohio veteran-turned-driver who has been traveling for the last 10 years.

Besides being a cute road trip companion, Pumpkin is also a therapy cat for Ehrin Anderson, who served his country in the U.S. Navy and Army Reserves for 12 years.

Unfortunately, Pumpkin got really curious while the duo was in Pickerington, Ohio. The 12-year-old cat somehow slipped out of the open window while Anderson was napping. When he woke up, his cat was gone.

Eventually, rescuers realized that the orange tabby went inside a car when another driver reported that she found a cat in her vehicle. However, the woman thought that the cat belonged to one of her neighbors. When she found out that the furry hitchhiker doesn’t belong to any of her neighbors, she let him loose in a cat colony near her apartment.

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This tip really helped the veteran to focus on his search. Then he put up fliers about the missing cat in the neighborhood. Anderson is really thankful for Pumpkin who brought him back from a “dark place”. He even started recruiting animal rescuers in the area to keep an eye out for other clues.

Sadie Price, one of the animal rescuers, said they trapped some of the cats in order to find Pumpkin.

After six months of searching, Anderson didn’t have any luck. He’s really worried about his cat, he even has trouble sleeping at night. That is why he is asking the Internet to help right now.

Anderson is really heartbroken and he just wants to get his cat back. He even set up a GoFundMe page in order to print more flyers and organize other rescue efforts.

The veteran is also offering a reward for the person who finds his cat.

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