The fires in Australia have been ravaging through the country for months, destroying at least 18 million acres of land, causing thousands of people to evacuate and killing a billion animals. A firefighter lost his dog, and now he needs our help!

It’s a tragedy for both wildlife and humans since they have lost everything. No stranger to the hell that has been going on, is Ash Graham, a man who lost his dog during the fires. He refuses to give up on his furry best friend!

Ash lives in Nerrigundah, New South Wales, which is one of the regions destroyed by the fires. Two-thirds of the population in the area have been left with absolutely nothing, just piles of dust and rubble.

Ash has lost his wife Melanie to cancer last year. He had quit his job as a roofer six years ago so he could take care of her when she was sick. Although he was her caretaker, Ash still managed to find time to volunteer as a firefighter.


When the wildfires came burning, Ash ran to the firehouse and even took his dog Kozi with him. He left his furry best friend at the firehouse and went out to help evacuate his community from the wildfires.

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Unfortunately, when Ash returned to the firehouse, Kozi wasn’t there. People saw the dog flee from the building, scared off by the wildfires. Ash was devastated when he realized that his best friend was out in the flames. However, he was determined to find Kozi.

“He was the only thing I was left with when my wife passed away, so, yeah, he’s my best mate. He’s my motivation, he gets me out of bed of a morning on my down days. I’m just hoping that he was faster than Armageddon,” Ash said, with tears in his eyes.

Ash is temporarily staying in a tent until he can rebuild the home where he lived with his wife. Now, the only thing that Ash wants is to find Kozi.

Let’s spread this story and help this firefighter who lost his dog.

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