Felines can be the most interesting creatures on the planet. Most of the time they are sweet, sleepy, playful, and restless.

Although many owners want to caress, squeeze, and play with them all day long, some cats do not like it.
Some cats like to be entangled in their owners’ legs when they lie on their lap or when the owner returns from work.

But most cats do not like to be carried like a baby. This move makes them feel insecure and upset because they are facing their stomach, which is their sensitive zone.

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These cute creatures do not like it when they are under non-stop surveillance. Especially if flash is used. They also get annoyed when they cheat on food or toys just to be photographed.

Many times we think that cats are not as empathetic as dogs, and we do not believe that they are so attached to us. But a story that was published some time ago changed the opinion of many cat owners.

Neil Payne, and his wife, Leasa, of Bedfordshire, decided to give a Garfield ginger cat to new owners in London after their children moved out.

A loyal ginger tabby, called Garfield, moved to London but refused to stay, so instead of getting used to the new home, he decided to return to the Bedfordshire family.

Тhe cute three-year-old cat, which has always been a domestic cat, disappeared from its new owners’ home in Enfield, North London, on June 20.

The cat had not been seen for about seven weeks.

The father of the three, Neil, says he was “gobsmacked” when he found him on his doorstep in the village of Shillington last Thursday. He was too surprised by the cat’s move and said he could not believe that his cat had come to his doorstep crying and begging him to come back. After his wife called his name, he jumped on her.

Neil was too confused and he added that the new owners received him on June 8 and it was not clear to him how someone who had never been out could find his way back from North London.

Dad Neil was so impressed with Garfield’s loyalty that it would give him a second chance to live with them again.

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