Dogs are very interesting creatures and they are smarter than we think. One dog stunned the Internet this week with her originality. Jakey, the 6-year-old German rottweiler has an unusual way of taking care of his owners.

All dogs protect their families, but this particular dog not only protects her family, but she also has an unusual habit to protect their bread. The rottweiler earned the nickname “the protector of carbs” for a reason!


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Just doing my job, guys.

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The dog lives with her family in Buffalo, Minnesota. She has been protecting the family’s bread since day one. Katrina Frank, Jakey’s owner, shared her cute habit on social media, and people fell in love with it. Jakey’s hilarious habit instantly went viral.

When Katrina and other family members are not at home, Jakey is the one who makes sure the house is secured. But, she also makes sure that bread products are protected too.

When the owners discovered Jakey’s unusual habit, they tried to hide the bread from her. However, the smart dog always finds it no matter what.

Katrina, who is a mother of three kids, said that she and her family moved into the farm almost 4 years ago. Jakey immediately started hiding the bread. When Katrina was returning home late at night, she always found Jakey laying with the bread. It’s a rare sight to see, but she always thanked the dog for guarding the bread.

The family uses bread very often, so Jakey must believe that it’s the most important thing and it needs protection. It doesn’t matter where Katrina leaves the bread, Jakey always finds it. If there is no bread in the house, Jakey then protects baked goods.

Such an unusual habit, but Jakey really deserves the title of the protector of carbs.

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