A viral video is melting TikTokers’ hearts and with a good reason!

TikToker @givingyouwood uploaded a video where he shows a dog’s unconditional love towards its man and its views skyrocketed to 2.6 million with thousands of heartwarming comments.

Titan, the loving pit bull on the footage is the one melting the hearts of millions of people on TikTok:


Happy Father’s Day to all you daddies out there!! ? #DadsOfTikTok #tiktokanimals #hawaii #ohana #MakeSomeoneSmile #fyp #foryou #summer2020

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Once Titan was unable to see his owner, he went full on panic mode and started searching for him high and wide! What Titan didn’t know is that his “dad” was already out of the water and resting at the beach.

“Is he looking for you?” a family member asks Dad in the video. 

On everyone’s surprise, Titan jumps into the water desperately trying to find his owner and rescue him. Once his “dad” realizes what’s happening, he signals Titan that he’s safe and sound.

“We really do not deserve dogs,” the on-screen text reads. 

‘This is the purest thing on social media…’

Comments were flooding the heartwarming video and everyone started praising Titan and his unconditional love toward his owner:

“Unconditional love right there. Bless you little pup,” one user wrote.

“I’m really out here crying over this dog,” another tearful user commented.

“I’m too sensitive for this. Got me crying on my sofa. This was so sweet. He looked so worried,” shared another user.

“We do not deserve these beautiful loving babies. We just don’t. The purity is unreal,” wrote one user.

“Oh my heart. This is the purest thing on social media,” another user shared.

“I can and NEVER will understand how someone can look ANY animal in the eyes and willing choose to hurt it,” commented another user.

Titan is just another proof that dogs are one of the purest animals on this Earth and deserve every praise! They truly are man’s best friends!