One morning on the 1st of May 2020, in the city of Norman, Oklahoma, a woman known as Robin Strader was driving to work when she witnessed the kindest of gestures offered by a police officer to an Animal. It was one of the strangest things she’d ever seen. Fortunately, she took some pictures of this amazing gesture. A kind police officer gave a distressed donkey a ride in the back of his cruiser. An epic moment it was!

Before the cop gave the donkey a lift, Robin had spotted the poor donkey on a busy highway in dismay. Before calling the authorities, she had led the Animal away from the busy road. The Norman Police Department responded immediately. Official Kyle Canaan got to the location as fast as he could but was confused about what to do at first.

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They called for Animal Transport authority to help get the donkey out, at least to a safer place. But it’d take them hours to get to the location. In order to help get the donkey out of the highway, Mrs. Robin volunteered to foster the donkey until the owner was found. Mrs. Robin’s house was a few miles away from the spot, and they’d really need to transport the donkey aboard. Officer Kyle had no choice but to convince the stubborn donkey to squeeze itself into the back of the cruiser

The Norman Police Department stated that in the morning, Officer Kyle Canaan responded to a call about a donkey who was on the loose on block 8100, 120th Avenue NE. The Police Department had to ensure that the Animal was safe and that it gets to its owner. Therefore, Officer Kyle helped in transporting the Animal to Mrs. Robin’s house in his cruiser. At least until its owner could be found because there was no proper authority to transport it. “You don’t get to see extraordinary acts done by the police officers every day,” the Police Department stated

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The donkey, who was later named ‘Squishy’, was successfully delivered to Mrs. Robin’s apartment. Then, the police officer spoke out his intentions of adopting the donkey if the owner wasn’t found.

Indeed, not all heroes wear capes.