It’s been a difficult year for Australia, as many areas there are fire-prone. The fire season started in September and destroyed land, homes, even killed people and animals. When the wildfire reached a coastal town in Southeast Australia, one man saw what was happening and decided to do something. His name is Chad Staples and he works at Mogo Wildlife Park, a local zoo that also has a huge collection of exotic animals.

Officials have issued a mandatory evacuation as flames were burning closer to the zoo. Zoo staff stayed behind to get lions and orangutans and move them to the side of the park that would be safe from the fire. However, the tiger, red pandas and monkeys still needed a safe place while the blaze was raging.

Zoo staff decided to take animals home with them and turn their houses into refugee camps for them. The zoo staff managed to save numerous creatures that would otherwise have extinct. People are also dying in this wildfire, and at least 25 have been confirmed dead.

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There were approximately 200 animals at the refuge and all of them are confirmed to be safe.

The zoo’s director, Staples described the scene at his house, saying that all kinds of animals are in different rooms and are protected.

Staples took numerous monkeys and pandas in his house, while the tiger is currently staying with another staff member.

Although some of the other animals, like zebras, rhinos, and giraffes had to stay at the park, they were in safe areas.

Everyone was careful and Staples is hopeful that the zoo had escaped the worst from the wildfire. When he was asked what else was needed by the staff, Staples simply said: “Rain would be nice.”

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