A very joyous and heartwarming moment happened at the Zoo Halle in Germany. An old elephant named Pori got to see her daughter Tana after 12 years! The 39-year-old elephant finally met not only her 19-year-old daughter, but her little grandkids as well! Yes, her daughter didn’t come alone!

Tamika, 4 years old, and Elani, 1 year old finally learned that they actually have a grandma! As soon as Pori touched trunks with Tana, her daughter was quick to bring the babies to her mom.

Pori was born in Zimbabwe in 1981, and first arrived in Germany in 1983, at the Magdeburg Zoo. She lived here until 1997, when she was moved to the Tierpark Berlin, as part of a breeding program. Tana, born in 2001, was her first calf.

“Pori’s arrival in Halle is an important step in modern elephant husbandry,” the zoo director – Dennis Muller said in a statement. “In the future, all elephant herds in European zoos should be cared for in such natural family structures. Today we have come a great deal closer to this goal.”