The weirdest friend group of a lion, tiger, and bear had formed after they were rescued together as little cubs. These wild animals aren’t meant to live as a pack, on the contrary, they are usually opposing predators. But, the trauma that they went through as babies made them have an inseparable bond.

The odd friend group was found in 2001 after police raided a drug dealer’s house in Atlanta, Georgia. The police found the little lion, tiger and bear scared to death, malnourished and full of parasites. And their place certainly wasn’t in anyone’s basement.

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All three little animals were in bad shape. The African lion, Leo, was found in a small crate with an open wound on his little face. The Bengal tiger, Shere Khan, was extremely thin, weak and malnourished. And the black bear, Baloo, has a harness on that was so small it had nested in his flesh.

All of their sufferings were over when the police came. The police handed the little lion, tiger, and bear to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources who then took them to  Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is located in Locust Grove and it’s a nonprofit organization for animal rescue. There, the three little friends would spend their days in a gorgeous 250-acre property. They weren’t released back into the wild because they had already been through so much, and members of the organization found that it would be better for the animals for them to be looked after with extreme care and love.

At first, when Baloo, Shere Khan, and Leo, were brought to the sanctuary, they were injured and scared. But after a while, they got a little bit comfortable and started playing with each other. They created a cute friendly trio.

The staff from the sanctuary thought that they would have to separate the three little friends as they reached sexual maturity because they would grow apart. But, the trio known as BLT (bear, lion, tiger) never left each other’s sides. So, they were ultimately kept together.

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Baloo, Leo, and Shere Khan had now lived, slept and ate together in the same habitat for 15 years. They couldn’t be happier now after the horrors that they went through.