Australia is currently ravaged by the worst wildfires in history. It is estimated that a billion animals were killed in the fires, including 8,000 koalas. These numbers are rough Australia’s wildlife. Billions of animals have died, as flames destroyed their habitats, leaving the creatures with no place to hide.

The last six months have been so horrible. But through all that misfortune, a small glimmer of light has appeared – and its name is Eleanor.

After the chubby echidna was hit by a car, she was brought into Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Hobart, Tasmania to receive proper medical treatment.

Although the situation could have been terrible, thanks to Eleanor’s fatness, she managed to escape the ordeal just with minor bruising.

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The wildlife sanctuary shared a picture of Eleanore on social media in which she is sedated. The sanctuary wrote that she may be the fattest echidna. Luckily, she survived and she only had suffered a few minor bruises we have ever seen. You must admit that Eleanor is chubby but cute!

The Tasmanian short-beaked echidna has similar features to a hedgehog or porcupine, although it’s covered in fur and barbless quills. Echidna’s are one of the living mammals that lay eggs.  The species are the only surviving members of the order Monotremata.

The animals can be found in Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea. They keep themselves active both during the day and night, depends on which kind of food is available.

Echidnas start their day by searching for something to eat. They don’t have teeth, but they can chew food with their long, sticky tongues. They usually eat earthworms, ants, and termites.

The echidna is also one of the oldest living species on the planet. The species have found a way to survive while other animals have extinct.

We wish Eleanor all the best in her chubby future.

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