A Persian mix cat named Violet never stopped surprising her family after she was adopted. The cat went missing and stayed that way for 3 years until one Facebook post changed its luck.

In 2012, a guy named Drew Potter had adopted Violet from a local shelter in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He gave the cat to his daughter and stepdaughter, as a gift. Although it was a sad period because their family was going through a separation, Violet made everybody happy!

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But the happiness didn’t last long. After a year and a half in her new home, the cat disappeared. Violet was an indoor cat and Potter advised the girls not to let her outside. “For about a week or two, she would stay right by the house, so the girls kept doing it because Violet really enjoyed being outside,” stated Potter.

The family assumed that someone stole Violet because she looked like an expensive cat. After she disappeared, the family looked for the cat in the neighborhood and even posted flyers with her picture. But, they had no luck finding her.

Potter and his family really bonded with the cat. After she vanished, all of them were devastated.

Eventually, the Potter family had no choice but to accept that their pet was gone. They sold their old home and moved to Sparta, Michigan. Three years later, Potter received an unusual message on Facebook. Carly Quinn, director of Ionia County Animal Control, contacted him and told him that she found his cat, Violet.

A few days before, Quinn was tagged in a Facebook post about a wounded cat lying in some woman’s garden. The woman stated that the cat couldn’t move at all. She may have been in her garden for a few days. After Quinn arrived at the woman’s garden, Violet didn’t try to run away. “You could see it in her eyes that she needed help,” said Quinn.

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Violet was tired, dehydrated, malnourished and covered in fleas and other parasites. Quinn immediately took her to the vet where she received a flea bath and medical care. The next day, Violet perked up and looked like a different cat!

The next step was to find Violet’s family. Luckily, Violet had a microchip that listed Potter as her dad. Although Potter’s contact details were outdated, Quinn managed to find him on Facebook.

The next day, Potter and his stepdaughter went to the shelter to get their cat back. Although she was very weak at the moment, Violet recognized her family. When they brought her home, she immediately used the litter box and acted like she was home.

“Everybody was just in tears,” Potter said. “They couldn’t believe it. We were just all kind of in shock.”

What a beautiful story!