Meet Waffles and Hemingway — an unusual pair of best friends a rescued goose and a mini horse. Waffles is the miniature horse and Hemingway is the farm goose.

They go together like peanut butter and jelly! 

In July, reports of negligence led the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to a property in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. That is the place where they found Waffles and Hemingway – the soon to be goose and horse best friends!

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Both animals were rescued from the farm and taken in the Bucks County animal shelter. It was reported that in their previous home, they were very neglected and kept in dirty conditions without adequate shelter. It is unknown how long they have lived together.

Officials immediately took Waffles and Hemingway and brought them to the SPCA barn, where they currently live in the same stall. After they arrived in the barn, the unlikely pair have grown even closer. They are very happy together and seem to comfort each other in the new environment.

Employees at the barn have been watching Waffles and Hemingway during their private moment and saw Hemingway with his head and neck leaning across Waffles’ back. Such a beautiful moment!

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After arriving at the SPCA, Waffles was in need of medical care and Hemingway proved that he will do anything for his friend. The goose was very protective and didn’t want to be apart even for a moment from his best friend. This has made things a little bit complicated.

“Hemingway will honk or flap his wings if he thinks you’re trying to get between them,” Kelly said.

The unlikely friendship went viral and over 300 people sent their adoption applications in just one week. The BCSPCA has also received more than a hundred phone calls from potential adopters.

As soon as Waffles gets the medical care he needs, the two will be ready for adoption.

The two friends have been through so much. They are the perfect example that anyone can get through anything with a best friend by his side.