Deputy Director John Skeel said that the free kits include food, kitty litter, and other things in order to keep the animals healthy. For those kittens who are bottle-fed, there is milk powder, bottles, heating stones, wipes, bed, blanket, toys. The kits also include a scale to weigh the kitten, which is important to make sure they are putting on weight.


The other kits for bigger kittens include similar items, but also include solid foods.

Unfortunately, SFACC can’t take in healthy animals during the lockdown. Now, the facility is facing other problems such as making room for pets of confirmed COVID-19 patients. There are already 3 pets of sick patients staying at the facility.

During the order to stay at home, spay and neutering aren’t considered as essential services. Director Skeel confirmed this and said they have to reserve the medical equipment such as gloves and masks for doctors who are treating COVID-19 patients. They don’t want to use those supplies right now because they want to save them.

Although SFACC is closed right now due to the pandemic, they still offer only limited services and care for injured or sick pets. However, they still monitor fosters and will continue to spay and neuter appointments when the restrictions are over.

Currently, the facility isn’t able to take any trapped kittens and cats during the lockdown. This means that residents who find them need to care for them until the lockdown is over.

Anyone who wants to receive a free kitten care pack can contact Animal Care and Control at (415) 554-6364 or The facility is located at 1200 15th St. and the pick up of the kits will be contact-free.