Everyone needs a best friend in life. Some of the main reasons to have a best friend in life include unconditional support and love, loyalty, and self-esteem boost.

However, best friends don’t have to be from the same species to be a great team. Interspecies friendships exist, even if you don’t believe it. We have recently reported some unusual animal friendships, such as the friendship between a baby tiger and a puppy or between a duck and a dog.

Today we will talk about another unusual, but heartwarming animal friendship. The animal kingdom never fails to amaze us, so enjoy these two who put aside all differences and became friends.

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Meet the horse named Tristian and the teacup Pekingese pup named Vily. They live at the Horseland Horse Center in Decka Simanovci, Serbia. Despite their size difference, this horse and this tiny puppy fell in love with each other at first sight!

Instead of the tiny dog being afraid of the huge animal that is bigger than him, he instantly felt safe with the gentle giant. The gentle horse rubs his head against the little dog, and the puppy kisses him on the forehead! We are hoping that this is just the beginning of a long and happy friendship. and the two can get together more in the future. ?

Zile Bocevski, Tristian’s owner, confirmed that he is a friendly horse who loves hanging out with people and other animals. That became even more clear when he met Vily. Bocevski received the cute little pup as a birthday gift from a friend.

Love and friendship know no species, and Vily and Tristan can prove that. Just watch the video below so you know what we are talking about.

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