Bears are cute animals, and as we know, they are living in the forest. We people who often go hiking, wonder if there are bears nearby and frequently equip ourselves in case of an accident. They can often be seen in circuses that are well trained and used to humans, but I still think their real place to live belongs in the woods.

Except in the circus, we can find them in zoos or national parks for bears and their living space should be large and full of greenery, so that they can feel comfortable and free.

Although we consider them big and scary animals, they still had feelings when it comes to the life of their cubs.

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Some time ago, a video came out of three bears risking their lives and limbs to pull fur from the traffic in South Florida, showing remarkable strength and courage, which accidentally ended unhappily.

On Monday night, a vehicle critically hit a small cub, leaving it barely alive on West Main Street in Immokalee. According to WINK News in Florida, the heroic step starting when one bear grabs his fallen comrade by the back of the neck and quickly pull the victim to the shoulder of the road. That big bear then walked away as two other bears went crazy on the street, grabbed the injured animal in the teeth, and dragged it away from passing traffic.

Unfortunately, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told WINK that the injured black bear died to its injuries. It is not clear who or what hit the animal.

After this shocking and sad video appeared, the whole public was broken by grief. It turns out that most of the bear deaths in this area were due to roads.

A representative of the Wildlife Commission told the Naples Daily News in Naples that the black bears were abundant in Imokale in July when the station reported a mother bear and her four cubs scavenging in a residential area.

Watch the video below.

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