Simon Cowell is infamous for his harsh critics towards the contestants of the various TV talent shows he judges. Sometimes he even seems cruel and heartless. But, behind cameras Simon is quite the opposite. And when it comes to animals, Simon has a heart of gold.

As it turns out, Simon funded the closing of numerous slaughterhouses and meat markets aimed at dog meat. In 2018, Cowell donated £25,000—about $32,640 in US dollars—to Humane Society International, as part of their efforts to shut down a dog meat farm in South Korea. This saved the lives of over 200 dogs!

Earlier this year, when Simon made an appearance on Good Morning Britain, Pip Tomson talked with Cowell about his efforts to shut down the dog meat trade.

“It’s like eating your friend,” Cowell said.

Then Pip revealed a big surprise for Simon. She brought her puppy, which was one of the rescues that avoided becoming a meal.