Dogs are very goofy creatures. But, sometimes their goofiness results in serious mishaps and humans must intervene to save the day.

For one dog, the day was saved by a group of explorers who found him in a 30-foot pit. The cave explorers were hiking at Dewey Hickman Nature Preserve in Indiana when they spotted the poor fella.

As the Harrison County Animal Control  report, scratch marks were visible down the shaft, and it’s likely the dog got its collar stuck on a branch on the way down, ending up at the bottom after wiggling free. The dog was malnourished, skinny, and managed to survive for two weeks by drinking rain water that has been collecting in an empty turtle shell. Luckily for him, the explorers didn’t hesitate a second when they say him and jumped to the rescue.

His rescuers named him Dewey:

“When Hawkeye came out of the cave, he was very emaciated,” April Breeden of Harrison County Animal Control told The Dodo. “Once they were in the cave with him and once he got out as well, he was very gentle.”

“They originally repelled down to check it out and came back up. He started barking like, ‘Don’t leave me.’ ”

Thankfully, shortly after his rescure Dewey’s owner came forward on September 6th, only two days after his rescue. And it turns out that his name is actually “Hawkeye”!

On September 7, Hawkeye finally was reunited with his family, a happy ending to his scary ordeal:

“When he saw his dad, he was so excited, jumping and kissing him,” Breeden told The Dodo.