A stray dog was painted orange with black stripes in Malaysia, so it resembled a tiger. Many animal rights activists are angry and offer a reward in order to find the person who did this.

The Animal Association Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia is appealing to the public for some information after they spotted the painted dog while it was walking down a street.

The association is now calling on members of the public to come forward with any relevant information which could help catch the person who painted the dog.

A spokesman for the group pleaded on Facebook to help the group identify the location and the person who this poor animal belongs to. ‘A mystery reward awaits those who come forward with complete information on the incident,’ he also mentioned.

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The dog was seen wandering the town streets alone and painted orange with black stripes to look like a tiger. It’s still unknown whether the local authorities are involved in trying to catch the person who did this.

One social media user commented: ‘The dog’s face is sad, such a shame.’ Another one wrote: ‘The dog has to take a bath and have its coat shaved to get rid of all the chemicals. Sorry dog, remember the thug who did this to you.’

We hope that someone knows something and will come forward either to the animal association or to authorities.

No animal deserves to be treated this way!

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