Stray dogs experience a very difficult period, left alone on the street. While they wait and watching every passerby with an innocent look, hope that someone will take them home. Apart from the fact that they can be starved on the street, they are also bullied by people, the stress they experience is unimaginable.

Many shelters in the world take care of abandoned animals, but if no owner is found within a certain period, they put them to sleep forever. But some people love animals and would do anything to have them by their side.

When mother Susanna came across a picture of a mix of Jack Russell, Neville, she immediately fell in love. Already as a rescue dog owner, she browsed the website of her local rescue center simply out of curiosity.

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After she saw the picture of the cute puppy, she quickly went to the animal rescue center to register an interest in adopting the puppy.

The puppy was 10 years old, and she immediately knew that she loved him, she told Dodo. She waited in line for three hours outside the center to make sure she was the first to register interest in the puppy, after seeing it, she instantly reached to Neville.

Once Nev moved into his new home he was overly excited and happy, but adjusting was not easy at all. The puppy, who was now 12 years old, spent considerable time on the street and then struggled to calm down in the shelter. Poor Nev suffered a lot of bad things and was believed to have been used for breeding and was mistreated.

At first, he competed for food and tried to feed directly from the floor or from the bowl of the other dog that Susanna kept. The restless and dedicated Susanna decided to train Nev how to eat from the dish.

The smart puppy soon got used to eating from his bowl and finally, everything was fine with the meals!

Interestingly, Neville began to develop an unusual love for his dish, it became his most prized possession and he began to carry it everywhere with him, even sleeping with it when he went to bed.

Even after two years, Neville is still attached to his vessel.

Suzana said about that interesting moment that she thinks that he never had something of his own, and now he realizes that he finally has and is guaranteed a reliable source of decent, nutritious food.

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