Owner shocked as he finds his missing dog on a beer can.  A brewery in Bradenton, Florida came up with an amazing idea to help rescue dogs that need forever homes. They helped the Manatee County Animal Services to spread the word about adoptable dogs.

The Motorworks Brewing came up with a campaign to put images of shelter dogs on beer cans. The campaign was very successful, but in one particular case, the outcome was unforeseen. Thanks to this campaign, a long-lost dog was reunited with his owner.

Manatee County Animal Services attempted to locate Monica Mathis, the owner of one of the dogs featured on the beer cans They tried to contact her through the dog’s microchip, but her contact information wasn’t updated.

Mathis currently lives in Minnesota. Last week she saw her dog on a beer can while she was scrolling on her Facebook feed.“I was, like, ‘Oh my gosh! That’s my dog!’” she said.

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Day Day, whose real name is Hazel, went missing three years ago when Mathis lived in Iowa. It remains unknown how Hazel ended up in Florida.

“I really thought she was gone and I would never see her again,” said Mathis. “I had a doubt, I was, like, ‘Oh my gosh, it looks like her, but is it really her?”

She immediately contacted Manatee County Animal Services and gave information for Hazel’s microchip that actually matched with Day Day’s information.

Hans Wohlgefahrt, who works at the animal shelter, said they saw pictures and vet records. He later confirmed that Mathis was the dog’s previous owner. This should be a reminder to pet owners to make sure all their contact information is up to date.

Friends of Manatee County Animal Services will transport Day Day to Minnesota in order to reunite with her family for free.

Over 4,000 pets came into the Manatee County animal shelter last year. Thanks to the microchip information, 500 were reunited with their owners.

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