Do you know what Koalas actually sound like? Koalas are one of the cutest animals in the world. They look like little teddy bears and mainly eat eucalyptus leaves. The marsupials are native to Australia and they’ve been having a tough time recently. However, not everything about these animals is as adorable as you may think, but they are adorable anyway! Watch the video below so you know what we are talking about:

Many people who heard how koalas actually sound like for the first time are very surprised. The footage shows a cute little koala in an enclosure standing and making a sound that actually sounds more like an elephant instead of a lovely koala.

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It’s something between a snort and laughter of some kind of a miniature hell beast. Clearly, it came as a shock to the people. The video of the screaming koala was posted on Twitter. Since it was posted, it was liked more than 185,000 times and retweeted 52,000 times.

The tweet read: “I don’t know what I thought Koalas sounded like but this wasn’t it.” Many people have agreed with the caption.

One person wrote: “They are not cute anymore.”

They are still cute, no matter the fact that they sound like a broken drain.

Another wrote: “I’m now no longer interested in this animal.”

A third Twitter user wrote: “I really thought I was gone open this and hear the other noise. I had to turn the volume up slowly.”

Anyway, this is not the only sound that koalas are capable of producing. They can actually make different kinds of sound ranging fro more high-pitched squeaks to low-gurgling and guttural rutting noises.

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