The disagreement between cat people and dog people is still ongoing and brutal, but in the end, everyone is better off for loving a pet. If you are considering bringing a pet into your life, you should seriously think about the commitment that being a responsible pet owner entails.

There’s nothing more adorable than getting a new puppy. You will fall in love with the new puppy as soon as you see it. That’s exactly what happened to the police officers from the LAPD when they saw a cute puppy wandering the streets. The cops decided to rescue him, and they even made him a part of the K-9 unit!

Two cops from the LAPD were just doing their jobs by patrolling around the city, when they came across the sweetest puppy they’d ever seen. Unfortunately, the puppy was scared and alone. So, the officer’s, Mercado and Tavera, decided that they couldn’t leave the little guy on the streets.

The officers took the dog and instead of taking it to a shelter, they had a better idea. Since the police are always looking for new K-9 officers, they decided to make the puppy the newest member.

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The cops named the puppy “Hobart,” after the street they found him on.

After the officers saved Hobart, they immediately made a connection with the little pup. The newest member of the LAPD family follows the officers everywhere they go.

Since posting the video, more than 18,000 people have seen it.

People on Twitter immediately fell in love with the rescued puppy. Also, they are very gratefull to the officers who didn’t leave him on the streets.

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