Meet Nuts, a 2-year-old dog who has lived with his family since his whole life. Although it’s a very young dog, people believe that he is an older dog because of his beard.

At first, Nuts’ mom didn’t really think anything of his beard. Since Nuts is a Griffon, it’s known that they naturally have a little more fur on their faces than on the rest of their body. Tatiana Kovalenok, his mom, didn’t realize that his beard was unusual until people started noticing it.

“I never actually paid attention to his beard until I started receiving comments from my followers on Instagram,” she said during an interview.

Wherever Nuts goes, people can’t stop starring at him and comment on his beard. Some of them even want to take pictures with the dog with an unusual beard!

Fortunately, Nuts doesn’t really care. He’s a friendly dog and loves meeting new people. Also, he always sniffs and greets his fans as they admire his adorable beard. When kids see him, they say he looks like a grandpa, while older people see him, they admire his style.

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Some people even compare him to the beloved “Star Wars” character Chewbacca. If you ever watched those movies, you will see the similarities!

To Nuts, his beard is just his beard, although he often thinks he’s a human.

“When I lay on my bed, he jumps up, lays on his back beside me and puts his head on a pillow — just like a real human,” Kovalenok said.

Although Nuts loves to pretend he is a human, his other favorite thing to do is play in the water. Whether he’s swimming or just taking a bath, Nuts loves water and he looks so adorable when he’s beard is all wet.

Even though Nuts has an unusual appearance, he is a happy dog. His family even learned to embrace his beard and all of the comments that came along with it. They don’t do special treatments with his beard, they just trim him a couple of times a year.

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