Pets can feel stressed and anxious just like humans. It’s important to take good care of your pet, including making it happy and comfortable.

When veterinarians see a stressed cat or dog, they usually can identify the most common signs of stress and make them feel better. According to the vets, here are the top signs why your pet can be feeling anxious and what can you do about it.

Pets show they are nervous when they have “whale eye”

When your pet looks at you sideways with just one eye, usually it’s an indication of stress and discomfort. If you ever notice your pet having a whale eye, just give them space and remove potential stressors from the environment, including pets and children.

Pets tend to lick their lips and noses when they are feeling upset

Pets usually use their tongues to lick their noses and explore things around them. However, excessive lip or nose licking usually means that your pet is feeling stressed or anxious. This applies to both cats and dogs. Since both animals do this behavior normally, it’s hard to notice when they are really stressed.

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When your dog is excessively shedding, it usually means that your pet is stressed

Molly Farrell, veterinarian, and owner of a vet hospital in Indiana revealed that dogs can develop flaky skin due to stress. This may lead to excessive shedding. If the dog is really anxious, the fur shedding will last for three to four days. However, if it’s┬áchronic stress, the fur shedding may continue. If this ever happens, please consult with your vet.

Dog barking or whining more than usual is another sign of discomfort

Dogs use their voice as a way to communicate when they need something. Although dog barking and whining can be really annoying, you should consult your vet for any physical or emotional distress before training your dog to be quieter.

Sometimes yawning means your dog is feeling anxious

If your dogs yawn when you know they are rested, they might feel anxious about something.

Cats hide under blankets or furniture because of stress

Cats usually love to find a good place for a long nap. However, if a cat suddenly starts hiding, your pet might be in distress. You should find a safe place for your pet in the house where she can go, relax, and feel comfortable

A trembling dog is highly distressed

Dogs feel really uncomfortable when they are shaking and pacing back and forth. They are looking for a way out of a stressful situation. During these kinds of situations, it’s important to remove any source of their distress or allow them to walk away.

Cats who have accidents outside the litter box don’t feel comfortable

Trained cats who stop using the litter box might be feeling stressed. The first thing you can do is clean the litter box or change its location. Also, a cat doesn’t like sharing the litter box with other cats.

If your pet’s behavior has changed drastically recently, you should immediately take it to the vet who can rule out any medical problems.

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