Dogs are loyal and loving creatures. However, the same can’t be said about dog owners. A video of a disabled dog abandoned twice in one day on a street in Brazil appeared on social media and it immediately went viral. It’s tough to watch it because it shows the horror that the dog endured at the hands of humans, who are actually supposed to be caring for him.

The footage shows a dog getting out of a car only to be pushed out of the way before his owner drives off. He left the poor disabled dog alone on the street. Although a good man found him and returned him to his coldhearted owners, they dumped the dog again in the same day.

This sweet dog has three legs but has lost the use of his other front leg. It’s tough to watch such a needy dog to be dumped twice in one day.

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More than 220,000 people watched the video after it was shared on Facebook. Viewers aren’t happy with the footage and they labeled his owner as “cruel” and “heartless.”

The abandoned dog is called Tintin. After he was dumped on the street, he hobbled after the car.

Although the dog was returned to the owners, Tintin was dumped again just a few hours later.

However, local animal protection services rescued the dog from the street and they are investigating his abandonment. His story touched many people and at least 30 of them have offered to adopt him.

This story proves that not everyone is prepared to be a dog parent!

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