A young woman from the Mexican state of Tamaulipas became a superstar in Latin America after she rescued an injured animal she believed it was a dog. However, she soon found out that the animal she rescued was actually a wounded wild coyote.

Andrea Athie of Ciudad Victoria was driving when she saw the injured animal on the roadside. She stopped and noticed the animal had a broken leg. Without further thinking, Andrea immediately picked up the wounded animal and put it into her vehicle. After she took the animal to the vet’s office, she was in shock when she found out the animal was not a dog, but a wild coyote.

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Coyotes are members of the dog family and can be found in forests and mountains. They have some of the same traits that wolves and dogs have. They are big as medium-sized dogs, so it’s not a surprise that Andrea confused the coyote with a dog.

After she told her brother Alejandro what she did, he laughed at the incident which quickly went viral after he tweeted about it. He shared pictures from the animal on Twitter and wrote:

“Today my sister picked up a COYOTE thinking it was a run-over dog and took it to the vet.”

Andrea replied jokingly: “Why did you burn me like that!? Haha, I love you.”

She also pointed out that she named the coyote Pancho, adding he was in good health. Although coyotes are known to attack humans, Pancho was very friendly, and he never tried to attack his rescuer.

In another tweet, Andrea stated that Pancho’s recovery would take longer than expected because he didn’t eat or move after the treatment.

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The animal lover said that although he is a wild animal and can become depressed outside of his natural environment, they will continue with his treatments.