The weather in spring is so good for walking, visiting new places, and so a great period for waking up the bears. Some of the bears become mothers, and in the Grand Teton National Park we will have the opportunity to see the new little cubs.

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Grizzly 399 is a well-known bear that resides in Grand Teton National Park.

Due to the global pandemic, the national park was closed and just reopened to the public on May 18. So many photographers and tourists come from around the world to see and capture a photo of the 24-year-old celebrity bear. She was also known as “the most famous mother bar on the Earth” giving birth to 17 cubs, which was raised near roadside areas for all to see.

Fortunately on May 18 when the national park was reopened at the same date famous grizzly 399 was emerged from the hibernation two times when she had new cute cubs. It’ was amazing that exact day, she comes out with not one or two, but four new cubs. This number is considered rare, especially for her age.

The National Park Services reminds visitors to be aware that all bears are potentially dangerous and never feed them. Also, park regulations require that people must stay away 100 yards from bears. Bears need your concern, not your food; it is against the law to feed any park wildlife, including bears.”

Fans are too excited to see the grizzly 399 in good health with four beautiful cubs. They were amazed by this ancient beauty. As other bears try to get out of their shelters, fans train to catch a glimpse, rangers are reminding them to be careful.

Over time, the park expects the number of visitors to increase.
Learn more about bears in the video below posted by Yellowstone National Park.

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