Not everyone loves cats, but Maine coon kittens are less hated than they were about 50 years ago. Now, the cat might even be the most popular pet in the world. The most common cat breeds are Persian, Siamese and American Short-haired cats.

However, the most popular cat breed is the biggest domestic cat breed Maine coon. I mean who doesn’t love big and furry cats, right? This kind of cat breed can grow as much as 40 inches in length and come in 75 different color combinations.

Maine coons have long and thick fur, which makes them well equipped for winter. According to one theory, Maine coons originated from Norwegian Forest cats. It is believed that they came to America with the Vikings.

These majestic furry felines have many remarkable features. They don’t look like other cats.
The Maine coons have quite distinctive faces and some of them even resemble human faces.

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The cats of this breed have quite distinctive faces. In fact, some of them even look like they have human faces.

A cattery called Catsvill County shared pictures of a litter with 5 cute grey Maine coon kittens. Although people noticed something weird about them – they look like grumpy old men. However, people still fell in love with the kitties!

Their faces have a very unique expression, but that makes you love them even more!

It is hard to tell the kittens apart because they all look quite similar. Nevertheless, they are so sweet and cute!

Last year, the very same cattery became popular for their 2-month old kitten named Valkyrie, who looks like he has a human face.

Did you know?

The Maine Coon became the official state cat of Maine in 1985. However, they are loved by cat lovers across the states.

According to CFA registration statistics, Maine Coons were the third most popular cat breed in the United States 5 years ago.

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