Did you know that you can make a career out of taking care of cats? Yes, you read right! This cat sanctuary is located on an incredible Greek island. How cool is that?

Last year, God’s Little People Cat Sanctuary located in Syros posted a job opening on their Facebook page. The job was to take care of 55 cats that Joan Bowell rescued over the years together with her husband.

There are many stray cats on the streets of Greece, which is the main reason why a sanctuary is needed. The location of the sanctuary, and the home that comes with it, is amazing. You can enjoy breathtaking views of the island.

Joan Bowell felt like she needed a break, so she posted the job opening on Facebook, saying that it is not a joke. She wrote that a passionate cat lover would be the ideal candidate for the job. Preferably someone who also has “cat-whispering” skills.

After posting the job on Facebook, more than 35,000 people sent their applications. However, Bowell chose Jeffyne Telson to take care of the cats during the winter.

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Although Telson lives in California, she spends most of her winters in Oregon. She is a passionate cat lover and knows how to take care of the furry creatures because she has her own domestic rescue organization called RESQCATS.

Telson reported on her unplanned trip to Greece on Facebook. She almost didn’t send out her application, although her husband Mitch encouraged her. She said although she always dreamed of going back to the Greek island and help the cats, she never thought of applying because the job required Telson to be away from her husband and all her animals for a few months.

Telson told Bowell all about her many years of experience with rescue cats. Bowell took the first plane to Santa Barbara to meet up with Telson and offer her the job. She accepted the job, under one condition: the salary to be donated for the cats.

When Telson arrived at the island, she had to get used to the care of the outdoor cats. At her own organization, she keeps all the pets inside. But, this sanctuary is located in nature so cats can enjoy their time outside in the sun.

This was a great and tough experience for Telson. However, she had to choose which cats to save since there are so many. It was emotionally testing for Telson.

It appears that Bowell chose the perfect person for the job. Telson said that saving one cat may not change the world, but the world will change forever for that one saved cat.

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