This is a story of a kind-hearted 7-year-old boy who got honored by ASPCA for his tireless work in rescuing helpless dogs. He managed to save more than 1,300 unwanted dogs.

All animals, including those who are homeless, are entitled to kind and respectful treatment by humans and should be protected under the law.

Many animal rights activists have teamed up to raise awareness about the importance of saving stray dogs.

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This kind of empathy is natural in children and Roman McConn can prove it. This young boy, together with his mom Jennifer, started saving animals since the age of four.

Instead of asking for toys, he asked his friends and family to donate to a Texas-based animal rescue for his fourth birthday. At the age of 7, Roman has already rescued more than 1,300 unwanted dogs and 40 cats!

This boy helps the animals that are most in need, especially those who are enlisted for euthanasia in shelters.

Jennifer records Roman every time he plays with a homeless dog or a cat. Later, the videos are posted on Facebook in order to encourage people to adopt them.

Roman said his mom always posts the videos on Facebook so other people can see them. It’s very important for the dogs to give them a chance at finding the right home that they need.

He also talks to the animals and tries to discover their personalities. According to employees at the local shelter, Roman is a real-life “dog whisperer”. The little boy is completely determined to help the animals.

In 2016, Jennifer founded Project Freedom Ride, a relocation network community whose mission is to unite unwanted dogs in high kill areas of Texas and loving families in the Pacific Northwest.

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She also says whenever a dog is adopted, Roman lights up like a Christmas tree.

Roman was named Kid of the Year by the ASPCA in 2018 since he became an advocate for vulnerable animals.

Thanks to the videos, the boy quickly became a celebrity. He was even a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he received $20,000 there. He decided to donate all the money to Project Freedom Ride.

Roman’s next goal is to host a global show and he even teamed up with The DoDo to help them make videos.