Cats usually love to chase birds and mice. However, this cat named Harrie isn’t like other felines. Instead of keeping his eyes on prey, this gray cat prefers to watch dog videos on television.

It seems that this cat is obsessed with dogs, especially golden retrievers. When Harrie’s owner, Alyssa Lauren, noticed that the cat loves dogs, so she decided to bring a puppy at home and keep Harrie entertained.

The cat was so fascinated to see that his long-time obsession became a reality. Harrie kept checking on the puppy named Baymax, to ensure that he was real.

Soon, a friendship was born between Harrie and Baymax. As the puppy was growing up, the friendship only became stronger.

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Alyssa shares pictures on her Instagram profile of the unusual couple cuddling, playing, and napping together. She also made a video of Baymax when he arrived in his new home. The adorable clip immediately went viral.


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Social media users just can’t get over the fact that this cat and this dog have a really close bond. Usually, cats and dogs are enemies, so some viewers say that it’s unreal for Harrie and Baymax to get along so well together, while others talk about how adorable they are together. At the moment, both of the pets are the same size. However, Baymax will get much larger than his cat in no time.

These fur siblings also know to fight some times but Alyssa noted that their close bond helps them to overcome most misunderstandings.

Baymax sometimes growls at the cat, but Harrie doesn’t get offended. It seems that Harrie understands that Baymax is a puppy who loves to play and growl.

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