Many older people will say that the next generations are not serious at all. But some situations confirm the opposite.

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Four Detroit guys have shown that societies sometimes abuse adolescents when they call them carefree. Brothers Kenny, Kenneth, and Kevin Dansy along with their friend Andrew Daniels, helped an elderly neighbor with shopping bags after suffering a heart attack.

At the back entrance of the house, they noticed a starving dog tied up and realized that it was in a very bad condition. They were sorry to leave him like that and decided to take him with them.

They quickly untied the dog from the ropes, wrapped him in a jacket, and took him home. The starving dog has now been given a new home and a new name, they named it Sparkle.

After feeding him and giving him water while walking on the street, they noticed the members of the animal care center and told them the whole situation. Rescuers took Sparkle to the vet. Besides being starved, she also had mange and it was obvious she had been severely neglected.

The staff later shared the story of the young heroes who saved the puppy’s life on their Facebook page and thanked them very much for saving Sparkle.

Theresa Sumpter, the organization’s founder, said that they loved the dog and they gave it life.

Although the veterinarian thought that the treatment of the puppy would take a long time because it was very weak, Sparkle recovered quickly.

Shortly afterward, Pet Tales Rescue, a dog rescue organization, found the perfect foster mother for Sparkle. Now the cute puppy has a new and comfortable home full of love.

As for the good guys that help animals and people have decided not to stop here but to continue with the mission of rescue. After rescuing Spark, they rescued two more dogs from the streets.

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