A man tossed his dog out of his car and left it behind as the car sped away. The entire incident was caught on camera.

A Kansas City Codes Enforcement Officer discovered the dog while he was monitoring a camera on an illegal dumping site. When he saw how the poor dog was pushed out of the car by his owner. In the video, the dog is also running after the car.

Although the footage was watched 8 days later, Animal Control then sent people to search the area for the abandoned dog. Fortunately, they found him cold and starving. However, the poor dog was still waiting for his owner to come back.

The dog was brought to the KC Pet Project shelter after the incident. His name now is Mojave. He was in at the shelter for less than 30 minutes when a couple arrived and immediately fell in love with him. It didn’t take much time for Mojave to find two loving people who will give him a forever home.

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What a cute story! We are so happy for Mojave! Although he was abandoned by his former cruel owner, he managed to find a home in less than 30 minutes! We hope that Mojave’s life will be filled with happiness and love and this loving couple will make him forget the owners who abandoned him.

The KC Pet Project wrote in a Facebook post that citations were issued for the people who abandoned Mojave after investigators found them through their car’s license plate.

They also mentioned that the cruel owners have been charged with animal abandonment, not having a pet license, and not neutering a dog from the Pit Bull breed.

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