Dogs are man’s best friend. They are so loyal and loving and don’t expect anything in return.

Unfortunately, the same thing can’t be said otherwise. Not all dog owners respect and love their pets. Some of them can be really cruel towards their own dogs. What makes this even worse is that these people actually brag about their cruel actions.

One man from Wyoming recently taped up his dogs, took pictures, and shared them on social media. They were punished for chewing up some of the stuff in the house and running away.

The dog’s owner reportedly lives in Casper, Wyoming took several photos of his pets. Animal lovers were disgusted after seeing the dogs covered in red tape.

Their owner pointed out on social media that the poor animals were being little devils. Once animal lovers saw the pictures, they immediately contacted the local police.

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The Casper Police Department is aware of this case and even sent Animal Protection officers to investigate it. The dog owner apologized for his cruel actions and expressed sympathy about his dogs. He didn’t have any history of prior animal issues and his dogs didn’t show any signs of neglect or abuse in their home. According to the officers, the dog owner spoke at length with them about the proper treatment of animals.

Even though he wasn’t charged, the officers will still monitor him for possible abuse cases. They are thankful to the citizens who brought the incident into the light. Despite the fact that the owner apologized for his actions and showed regret, it’s still animal abuse. It’s clear that the dogs were in distress.

Hopefully, this dog owner won’t do something similar in the future. This story is a reminder to be careful and watch out for animal abuse incidents on social media.

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