During the sadness, and destruction resulting from the George Floyd protests across the United States, there are some moments that may put a smile on your face. Many of the protests turned violent after protesters started attacking and even killing police officers and destroying property.

Numerous protesters were repeatedly yelling “f*** the police!” at the officers and even danced in front of them just to anger them.

However, one police dog wasn’t pleased with the situation. When he started barking, he made one dancing woman scared for her safety, while another protester commented about the K-9’s temper.

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Instead of moving, one guy was standing just a few feet away from the dog and even turned his back.

Ouch, that must have hurt!

Antifa members saw these protests as an opportunity to advance anarchy. They already have a reputation for being violent, against those who get in their way. This week they were really busy inciting riots and destroying window stores.

One of the strange things about Antifa members is that they enjoy acting like tough guys even though they aren’t tough at all. One of them wounded his leg during the rioting. When one of the protesters tightened a tourniquet around his thigh, his reaction was caught on video. This warrior is screaming in pain:

Also, a video was shared on Twitter of one proud contributor who brought down bigots and cops. Twitter user “hannah” wrote that she was arrested after she was peacefully protesting for the BLM movement” in Cincinnati. Like being arrested wasn’t enough, police officers forced her to stand and laughed at her when she had a panic attack. Take a look

Everyone should face the consequences for their lawless behavior.

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