Losing a pet is a terrible and hurtful experience. It was your friend, dearest, most trusted companion and family member. And you just don’t know how to move on.

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Actor Jeremy Piven lost his pet and shared the news on Instagram on Monday, June 15. His beloved French Bulldog Bubba had just died and he was broken with grief.

He commented on his profile and shared the sad news with his followers. Relying on a common view that this is a year full of unexpected and tragic events, Piven wrote: “2020 is consistent, I will say it.”

Jeremy Piven and Bubba were always together, he walked his pet everywhere and never left him, the two of them were too attached and Jeremy did not stop crying after this sad moment after his puppy died in his arms.

Bubba was his constant companion. I can imagine what Jeremy’s pain will be like as he learns to live without his stroller. The pain will be excruciating, but it will never go away. He wrote on Instagram that he would bury him, and if we see him without him, we will now know why.

Sometimes losing a dog can be harder than losing a relative, because that connection between a dog and a human never dies and remains in the memory as long as we are alive.

We must be courageous and continue to live a normal life because our faithful pets will live forever in our hearts. Once they fall asleep for the first time, they often wake up and know how to come to our senses, so from time to time, we feel pain and cry.

After a while, they sleep longer. Then rarely, but it happens, to wake up and again move with the tail in the heart.

More and more celebrities are sharing their grief for their pets, and that stories help us to change attitudes toward pet loss and the grief that comes with it.

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