Although it has been frequently pointed out by the authorities that during the summer temperatures should be very careful about forgetting the animals in the cars, some people simply do not want to follow the rules.

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Going to the supermarket and forgetting pets in hot vehicles can cause death. Most dog owners think that going to the store will not last long, so they leave their dogs in the car to wait for them to return.

We have all witnessed that this behavior caused the death of pets or the collapse of the temperature, which is probably about a hundred degrees in the car.

Some time ago, the owner of a vehicle forgot his dog for two hours in the hot car, so the police officer who was at the scene immediately reacted and smashed the car window.

After the owners returned to their car after 2 hours, they were angry when they found out that the policeman had blown up the window to save the dog.

Do you think the policeman did the right thing?

Plymouth police officers noticed a panting little pooch trapped in a boiling car for more than two hours. The little poor dog was too exhausted and dehydrated, and the owner had not been seen for a long time.

Fearing for the puppy’s life, the policeman decided to break the car window and save the dog.

The rescued dog was handed over to RSPCA and will be thoroughly examined by a veterinarian. If a dog dies or becomes diseased due to being left in a hot car, the owners are liable to be slapped with charges of animal cruelty.

The owner was very upset when he saw the broken windows of the car. Shortly afterward, he explained to the police that they had the right to break the window because the dog was in danger.

Meanwhile, the police team posted a video of the event on Twitter and wrote “If you love your furry friends, please think. ”

Watch the video below.

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