An adorable picture of an orphaned kangaroo cuddling a teddy bear has broken the Internet.

Tim Beshara, an adviser to Greens senator for Tasmania Peter Whish-Wilson, shared the picture on Twitter. He also explained that his wildlife caretaker mother took it from her home from New South Wales.

After the picture of the eastern-gray kangaroo name Doodlebug was shared online, it went viral. Beshara was really surprised that it became so popular. He was shocked that the picture reached as far as Brazil and Russia. Even American morning shows showed it on air.

Gillian, Beshara’s mom, found out that orphaned animals responded very well to teddy bears, so she decided to hang them around the yard. So, animals respond to the toys just like a toddler would do. They treat the toys as companions.

At first, the animal was listed as a wallaby. However, Gillian pointed out that it was a kangaroo. Beshara said that this was really embarrassing for him, given his background in science.

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Doodlebug was abandoned as a newborn by his mother, so Gillian takes care of him now. Maybe the little kangaroo has fallen out of his mom’s pooch or something even worse happened and his mom died.

However, he was a few months old when he was passed onto Gliians’s wildlife company named WIRES, which is the biggest rescue and rehabilitation center in Australia. The non-profit organization takes care of all the fauna in the country. It is usually funded by donations.

Although Doodlebug was in poor health when Gillian took him in, he made a full recovery and is now hopping around in the wild. The woman nursed the kangaroo back to health. Although he’s roaming around the forest, he still comes back for food and cuddles.

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