Since the coronavirus started spreading around the world, many governments put their countries in lockdown in order to stop it. Many people are in self-isolation. So, instead of watching TV, people have started doing projects at home, such as home decor or starting a garden in the backyard.

Now that many shops are closed, some people tried to do some stuff at home instead of leaving it to professionals such as painting their own nails or cutting their hair.

As pet owners know, there are a few unpleasant tasks usually kept for their vets. One of those tasks is clipping your dog’s toenails. The process can be very tricky, especially if your dog is a big cry baby.

However, one woman from the United States found a genius way to keep your dog distracted while you can quickly cut his nails. This is the perfect project to do while you’re staying at home in lockdown.

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Linds Shelton, who works as a nurse, posted her genius video on TikTok. At first, she wrapped her head with a cling wrap around her hair. Then, she smeared peanut butter on the cling wrap to distract her dog.

@linds.sheltonNeed help clipping your dogs nails? I gotchu. ##dogsoftiktok ##tiktokdogs ##tiktokdiy ##fyp ##foryoupage ##smallgestures♬ original sound – linds.shelton

When her partner saw her, he was surprised and asked her: “What are you doing? You look like a dork.”

Then, she sits in front of her dog to clip his nails. Instead of running away, he’s successfully distracted by the peanut butter doesn’t notice what she’s doing.

Linds also clarified that the peanut butter she used didn’t have Xylitol in it, which is an artificial sweetener that it’s really toxic to dogs.

Her helpful video received over 2 million views and more than 5000 comments usually from pet-owners who are willing to try and do the same.

I guess if it works, it isn’t stupid, right?

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