Anyone who has every had a dog in their life can tell you one thing – dogs deserve to have a human lifespan. Their short time on Earth is the only bad thing about having them, and while there are some dogs that can exceed the average lifespan, it’s still not enough time to have them in your life and enjoy their company to the fullest.

What many people aren’t aware of is the fact that what works for you to improve your life and prolong it, can work for your furry friend as well! Here are a handful of things that you  and your beloved pup can do together in order to stretch the time you have together for just a bit more:

  1. Watch the waistline

    A healthy bodyweight is recommended for both humans and animals. So, make sure your dog maintains a lean and healthy body and watch for excess weight. This can help prevent many health problems including osteoarthritis.

    What you can do to complete this is to closely monitor their bodyweight by regularly weighing them. Keep a score whether they are in the healthy limits, or they are going over. For any negative changes, alter their diet, just like you would for yourself. Don’t scoop the food by eye, but rather measure it before giving it to the dog. Also, make sure you alter the diet as your pup ages, they need proper nutrition in every stage of their lives. Good nutrition means healthy ageing process.

  2. Take plenty of walks

    A good walk is beneficial both for the dog and the owner. It helps maintaining a healthy bodyweight in both of you, so it’s a win-win and you will feel more cheerful and relaxed. Also, a good physical activity is linked to anti-ageing processes in other genetically similar species!

  3. Teaching new tricks

    When we try to keep our mind sharp with age, we often opt for mental exercises like solving sudoku or a crossword. New tricks to dogs are like sudoku to us. So, yeah, you can teach an old dog new tricks! Dogs love to explore the world with their nose, so making them discover new things, like objects, with their nose is a great workout. It will activate them both physically and mentally. Another great way is hydrotherapy.

  4. Bonding

    Dogs are known for their ability to develop a strong bond with their caregivers. A strong dog-caregiver bond will not only expand the love and happiness you both feel for each other, but it will also help you as a caregiver to notice even the slightest change in their health and prompt you to react on time. Not to mention the positive vibes you feel when you play together with your pup!

  5. Maintain regular vet visits

    Just like you should do a regular check-up with your doctor, you should do that with your vet too in order to stay on track with your dog’s health. On time vaccination and parasite management programs help keeping you both save from diseases like toxocariasis and rabies which are known dangerous transmittable ailments. Maintaining a good relationship with your vet will allow you to tailor treatments and discuss your dog’s needs.