Catastrophic wildfires continue to ravage through Australia. The fires have destroyed lots of lands and left people and many animals died. Thanks to the fire season that have started in September, some species may be on the verge of extinction.

The flames have been especially awful on Kangaroo Island. Experts fear that small marsupials called dunnarts and glossy black cockatoos may have been totally wiped out by the flames. Now, experts describe the island asĀ  ‘scorched’ wasteland.

After the risk passed, environmentalists hope to find any surviving animals from the dunnart’s populace and save them before they are totally gone.

Heidi Groffen, a biologist and coordinator at the Kangaroo Island Land for Untamed life, said the little dunnarts, which are the same size as a mouse, can’t surpass the flames since they are so tiny. Although she fears that the dunnarts are extinct, she hopes that some of them may have found shelter in rocks or other smaller places.

However, even if some of them have survived, there is no food for them now. She is hoping to bring some into captivity before they have completely vanished.

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According to Pat Hodgens, a fauna expert for the Kangaroo Island organization, it is still early to tell because the fires are still burning. However, some species may have become endangered and most of their habitat has been destroyed. They are mostly concerned about the Kangaroo Island dunnart. They have even set up camera traps to help locate any survivors.

Most part of the koala populace of the island is feared to be dead, as well as the black cockatoos. Also, numerous animals have likewise been injured in the flames.

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