Ravaging wildfires in Australia have killed over half a billion animals, including 8,000 koalas. Some of the animals are even on the verge of extinction! Koalas have been hit the hardest because they move slow and they climb up eucalyptus trees, which are very flammable. This young hunter – an unlikely hero – became a sensation on social media after his heroic rescue of many koalas trapped in the wildfires.

We have seen many heartwarming photos of firefighters rescuing animals from the deadly wildfires ravaging across Australia. However, this hunter did something amazing in his free time.

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Patrick Boyle is a young hunter who risked his own life to enter in a dangerous area to save animals from certain death. The hunter managed to rescue nine koalas from the fires in Mallacoota, East Gippsland.

It all started when Patrick’s friend saw a dehydrated koala trying do get some water from a pump of a water treatment plant. The whole situation moved him, so he made a decision to help other animals.

Boyle shared the picture of him holding the koala on Instagram, which immediately went viral.

It didn’t take a lot of time to find animals in need. As soon as he started looking for them, he found more and more koalas. Unfortunately, he also found many animals who didn’t make it through the fire.

According to officials, the wildfires have destroyed 6,300,000 hectares and 2,500 buildings. At least 25 people have lost their lives and approximately half a billion animals have been killed.

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