Not all heroes wear capes. Meet the Australian couple who saved and is caring for 60 kangaroos in their home during the wildfires.

Julie Willis and Gary Wilson are taking care of injured marsupials after firestorms ripped through Wytaliba and Torrington. During the disaster, two people were killed and numerous homes were destroyed.

Although the pair have been running a kangaroo sanctuary for decades, they are now overwhelmed with kangaroos, wallabies, and possums. According to the couple, 80% of the animals in the region have been killed.

They are taking care of many baby animals, who have lost their mothers in the fires. After the fire in Wytaliba, one baby wallaby’s mother had to be euthanized. One kangaroo lost his mom after she was hit by a car searching for food in the ravaged land.

The couple made makeshift pouches in order to replicate the mother as they try to build up the orphans’ strength. Gary even goes out twice a day to leave food and water for the survivors.

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Sadly, Julie told her local newspaper the Glen Innes Examiner that many wallabies had been lost and there aren’t any possum survivors. There are many dead and blackened kangaroos and possums on the roadside.

It’s estimated that one billion animals have been killed in the worst wildfire season in history. At least 29 people were killed, including Vivian Chaplain and George Nole who died in the fires at Wytaliba, New South Wales. More than 2,5000 homes and almost 16 million acres of land have been destroyed. Also, some species are even on the verge of extinction, including the koala population who may soon be listed as endangered.

Wildfires are still ravaging through the country. Thankfully, heavy rain has started falling in some parts and more wet weather is expected in the next few days. Although this may be good news, it also can be bad news. Heavy rainfall may pollute freshwater supplies as debris is swept into reservoirs.

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